R&D Back-end Developer at Panasonic Industrial Devices Singapore Hide Job Information

Job FunctionEngineering
Reference Number012/78
Advertised6 months ago
Experience Required0 to 2 years
Minimum QualificationBachelor
Job description

This position reports to the Team Leader within our Singapore Technology Center. We are committed to an employee-orientated and high-performance culture that focus on the development of future Human Sensing Technology for real-life applications. Individual to be involved in: 1. Maintain and develop the natural language processing engine that makes use of forum data. 2. Develop new machine learning capabilities. 3. Contribute and put in place testing and evaluation metrics.

Job Requirements
  1. Familiar in big data technologies and analytics packages is a plus, scripting languages (i.e. Python), deep learning frameworks (i.e. Tensorflow, Torch, ...
  2. Familiar in speech and multimodal sensing.
  3. Experienced in Data scraping tools like Selenium and beautiful soup
  4. Strong analytic and quantitative skills in predictive modeling, statistics, data mining and other data analysis techniques to collect, explore and extract insights from data.
  5. Experience in chatbot, artificial intelligence engine and machine learning.
  6. Understanding of Text-mining and text-processing technologies like Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Topic modelling, TF-IDF, text classification., etc
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Advisory Notice :- Recruitment Scams
There have been recent incidents of individuals falsely claiming that they recruit on behalf of Panasonic. These individuals typically transfer of money from applicants purportedly for payment of work permits, insurance and expenses.Please note that Panasonic and our appointed recruitment agents do not ask for payments at any point in the recruitment process. We recommend you do not respond to such offers and refrain from disclosing your personal or financial particulars to anyone you do not know. You are also advised to file a police report at your local police station if you suspect that you have received any fraudulent offer. For more information about job opportunities with Panasonic, you can contact us via email at careers@sg.panasonic.com if you have any queries