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Job FunctionManufacturing
Reference Number001/847
Advertisedone month ago
Experience Required1 to 2 years
Minimum QualificationDiploma (Polytechnic)
Job description

Job description:

1) Working with application development team, business unit process experts, and outsource technology partner to create custom AR and VR experiences for both sales and manufacturing companies 2) Develop VR/AR applications runnable on mobile devices and the latest head-mounted displays 3) Refining pre-created 3D models/creation of totally new 3D models to create photorealistic experiences 4) Setting up virtual environments to support a wide range of AR or VR scenarios, depending on the project type 5) Crafting intuitive GUI for both novice and experienced users 6) Diagnosing, documenting, and fixing bugs reported by testers and end users 7) Keeping up with the latest trends and advancements in augmented and virtual reality

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

1) Diploma or degree in Computer Science/ Computer Engineering/Information technology/Game Design, or equivalent combination of education, technical expertise, training, or work experience. 2) Familiar with PTC smart factory framework (ThingWorx and Vuforia). 3) Knowledge of 3D modeling concepts such as lighting, shaders, materials, meshes, scripting, etc. 4) Have experience optimising 3D models for WebAR use 5) Creativity in finding solutions to translate real-world concepts and interactions into AR/VR 6) Experience in UI/UX is a plus point 7) General familiarity with industry-standard 3D graphics software such as Maya, Blender etc 8) Self-motivated and work well under pressure.

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Advisory Notice :- Recruitment Scams
There have been recent incidents of individuals falsely claiming that they recruit on behalf of Panasonic. These individuals typically transfer of money from applicants purportedly for payment of work permits, insurance and expenses.Please note that Panasonic and our appointed recruitment agents do not ask for payments at any point in the recruitment process. We recommend you do not respond to such offers and refrain from disclosing your personal or financial particulars to anyone you do not know. You are also advised to file a police report at your local police station if you suspect that you have received any fraudulent offer. For more information about job opportunities with Panasonic, you can contact us via email at if you have any queries