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Job FunctionOthers
Reference Number013/34
Advertisedone month ago
Experience Required0 to 4 years
Minimum QualificationBachelor
Job description

Panasonic Drive the Future Together with Us INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY Going beyond just providing good products, we at Panasonic are firmly entrenched in the brief of delivering ideas that will provide a profound impact on people’s lives around the world. At the forefront of this endeavor is ensuring that our ideas are allied with the relentless pursuit of reaching new heights of excellence when it comes to pushing the boundaries of innovation. This allows us to focus on enriching the present and enhancing the future for societies throughout the globe. We invite enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to join us as: R&D Researcher (Data scientist) As a data science researcher specialized in the R&D field of township and living/working space, you lead in delivering state-of-the-art technologies relevant to well-beingand sustainability of tomorrow and to provide a profound impact on people’s lives around the world. Innovating and revolutionize ideas in multiples areas such as everyday lifeand to explore technology advancement with township and houses, to achieve world-top environment technologies in a short time. You will have the opportunity to gain industry experiences. We are looking for researchers who pursue innovative ways to resolve difficult challenges and who have strong records to support their passionate advocates. Therefore, do not miss the golden opportunity to realize your dream with many good topics and real application use cases. Responsibilities: · Conduct Research & Core Technology development (statistical analysis and AI) with big data technologies, especially for air quality data at residential environment and office environment related to Life Space Solution business, vital sensing data and image processing data. a. Data collection task by using vital sensors and some devices for checking air quality at test environment room with some scene/scenario (sleeping, concentration (for work), for exercise, for relax) b. Data tidy up/wrangling and analyze with R/Python, Data confusion task (Creating dataset with various data source) c. Conduct collaborative/global research activity with other organization. d. Develop new/core AI algorithm and model for Life Space Solution business e. Develop application for Statistical analysis and Visualization (Jupyter notebook or Rmd) f. Summarizing report and document (including weekly report and monthly activity report) g. Attend exhibitions and conferences

Job Requirements

Requirements: · Bachelor degree or above in Engineering (especially data science/data analytics, information system, computer science, other similar specialties) · Statistical knowledge for data analysis/data science · Development experiences with machine learning (including deep learning) · R (or Python) for data science o in case of R, tidyverse o in case of Python, jupyter notebook or jupyterlab o Visualization tool · Good understanding in latest trends, technologies and business design · Good communication skill in English (business level) · Willingness for frequent business travels to ASEAN countries and Japan Preferable: · Vital sensing experiences with data science · Has experiences to join Kaggle · Japanese (to check Japanese paper for related theme)

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Advisory Notice :- Recruitment Scams
There have been recent incidents of individuals falsely claiming that they recruit on behalf of Panasonic. These individuals typically transfer of money from applicants purportedly for payment of work permits, insurance and expenses.Please note that Panasonic and our appointed recruitment agents do not ask for payments at any point in the recruitment process. We recommend you do not respond to such offers and refrain from disclosing your personal or financial particulars to anyone you do not know. You are also advised to file a police report at your local police station if you suspect that you have received any fraudulent offer. For more information about job opportunities with Panasonic, you can contact us via email at careers@sg.panasonic.com if you have any queries